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Zenas production which was founded by Shaan Gupta and Co-founded by Anurag Vashisht who is one of his friend. Shaan always had a dream to have his own production house and Anurag who being musical aspirant wanted to record his own music. But they didnt kept it as a dream. They made it big at a very small age of 17 years old and kept there passion alive which now speaks for there success and satisfaction.

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Shaan Gupta
(Founder/Music Producer/Dj)

Shaan Gupta thought of started a music production house and then layer founded Zenas Productions in the year 2015.

He him self is Founder of the company and is a music producer and Disc Jockey by profession. He has been playing DJ at several music festivals clubs and lounges and currently is working as a resident DJ for TGIF North Zone.

Anurag Vashisht

Anurag Vashisht who himself is a singer, composer lyricist is designated as the director of the company with Shaan (Founder).

Anurag having deep knowledge of music and who later also worked as the assistant director with Himanshu Sahni and many other directors. Directed videos for Zaroon and many other music projects.

He is currently working as a singer and live performer.

Abhilash Dhiman

Abhilash Dhiman who is the Co-Founder of the company is an author of famous book titled Reckless Love Music. This book's co-author was Shaan.

Abhilash Dhiman is currently working as the head of the creative and external affairs of the company.