Music Production House


Zenas Productiond is a full service video and music production company. Services include creative, production, post production, in-house studio and provides DJs for clubs and lounges.

We specialize in all digital media with a focus on commercial broadcast advertising. In addition to commercial film and video, our body of work also includes training videos, music videos, corporate promotionals, sales & marketing videos and live event/concert production. 

Our team has possessive house, EDM, Sufi, Indie-Pop, Punjabi and bollywood genre music composers. We have specialization in all kinds of audio making and designing.


Work we do

Services and Pre Production Planning 

We begin every project with a comprehensive discussion about your goals, budget, and deadline. We then collaborate with your team to develop a unique story, strategy and a branded message that fits your unique vision. Our creative services include concept development, storyboarding and script development

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Production Services 

Our in house team includes creative thinkers, producers, directors and project managers who thrive on tackling creative challenges. We know how and what to ask to uncover key insights that catapult your ideas to the next level. We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results on time and on budget for our clients.

We work for customer satisfaction more than we work for money.

 We have worked hard to make sure that we are an efficient, full service solution for any video project. 

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